About Onalee Ames Film Studio


Onalee Ames Film Studio holds space for those who wish to equip themselves for the professional movie industry. If you wish to write, direct, act, produce, learn how to use cameras or just try your creative vibe this studio is for you.

Individuals will garner the necessary tools to nurture their talent. If you have a dream still inside you this is the place to come as Onalee Ames focuses on self esteem and promotes mindfulness in all her students. She can stand behind this after working for over 3000 local actors all who have made their way around the world working in the movie and comedy industry.

Onalee supports collective voices in speaking their truth so stories can be shared
from our Winnipeg.



• Stand-up Comedy Gyms and a Performance Room
• Director, Producer, Screenwriter Workshops with the best in Canada-US
• Partnerships with local Production Companies for insider Promotions and Fast Track Networking
• Try-Me Classes for Non-professionals
• LA Top Rated Self Tape Centre
• Audition Space
• A Space Frequented by North American Talent from Film Industry
• Writing Incubator Programs for Local and International Directors
• KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Classes