Learn Onalee's Story

Onalee Ames has been in the film industry for over 30 years. She left Winnipeg at 18 to venture to Vancouver and LA where she performed stand up with Seth Rogan and other talented comedians. She began landing roles in many TV series and movies. In the year 2000 she came back to her home town of Winnipeg with a new young family and decided to teach what she had learned along the way.

The story for her students was incredible as she taught 3000 new Winnipeg actors how to act which spawned international success for some and many working today in the Winnipeg industry. She influenced budding new acting studios around town which blossomed with her signature.

In 2009, she took a break to produce write and direct. She received Telefilm funding for her first feature film. Recently she received Harold Greenburg funding for her collaborative writing with director Noam Gonik and team for their film Amber.

This past summer she directed two short films and is currently preparing to shoot her newest feature. Her most recent film as an actor, RUN, can currently be seen on Hulu starring Sarah Paulson, and she just finished shooting a feature for Netflix.

Onalee with her houses Iceman and Showtime