The Classes

Onalee believes that in every person there is an actor. She supports the individual journey of each person on their own terms. The method Onalee uses is based on “Allowing the character to play you.” This allows the actors work to play them. In inherent energy exists in the script and it becomes the job of the actor to bring their individual energy to the work which requires constant training, just like going to the gym for athletes.

Once an actor has gained the basic knowledge of the work they head into the next level of training which requires understanding scripts. Not every person needs to train in order to act but we must accept that being an actor on a large scale is like training for the Olympics; If one wishes to have a truly prosperous career, they must constantly push their own limits.

An actor must come to the work and be able to completely live in the inherent energy of the script and be able to express themselves in the most vulnerable emotional states. One of the main problems with some trained actors is that they over-analyze and predetermine how to say their lines. This does not allow their individual being to shine.